Now the News: self-delusion, advertising, and propaganda

Self-delusion, advertising, and propaganda in the United States are not new concepts. We have as a nation and even before then used propaganda effectively against perceived and very real enemies to the federal state. Such propaganda helped shape ideas and beliefs so firmly in our minds many of those concepts exist today. Self-delusion naturally followedContinue reading “Now the News: self-delusion, advertising, and propaganda”

What’s good for the goose?

In 1879, a new law passed regarding the census of the United States. Many key factors of the new law included detailed instruction for door to door census taking. Enumeration of Native Americans labeled “taxed” and “untaxed Indians” was required, as was collecting as much information as possible regarding “their condition.” With the budget provided,Continue reading “What’s good for the goose?”

The United States Senate Sentences James Madison to the Guillotine

Recently, the United States Senate filibuster has come under increased public and political scrutiny. Our current United States Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, threatened the American people that the Senate will cease to operate under a “scorched earth” shut down policy without the filibuster. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois conceded that power to the SenateContinue reading “The United States Senate Sentences James Madison to the Guillotine”

The Southern Invasion

In the summer of 1863, The Army of Northern Virginia crossed into Pennsylvania and reporting was sketchy at best in regards to its movements and intentions until fighting at Gettysburg had already begun. What was clear were that citizens were hiding goods and animals, and fleeing northward. Some blame was publicly laid at the feetContinue reading “The Southern Invasion”

March Coronavirus Notes

As President Biden’s administration moves towards vaccinating 100 million Americans in its first 100 days, and hopefully 85% of Americans by the end of summer, a cursory examination of recent virus hot spots and infection rates and ratios follows. The United States has arguably the most advanced, sophisticated, and best healthcare on the planet. TheContinue reading “March Coronavirus Notes”

Queen of Kentucky

Arguably the most popular musical act of the 70s and 80s, Queen performed across the globe, produced hit after hit in almost every major radio market, and recorded soundtracks including tracks for the movie version of Flash Gordon, featuring a fictional New York Jets quarterback who goes into space and saves the Earth; and Highlander:Continue reading “Queen of Kentucky”

All American Pooch

There are still people alive who were alive during the Weimer Republic. The so-called Weimer Republic existed from 1918 – 1933, as the official German state. The nickname Weimer developed in the late 1920s referring to the first city to host the constituent assembly. The official name of this new nation was the German Reich,Continue reading “All American Pooch”