Now the News: self-delusion, advertising, and propaganda

Self-delusion, advertising, and propaganda in the United States are not new concepts. We have as a nation and even before then used propaganda effectively against perceived and very real enemies to the federal state. Such propaganda helped shape ideas and beliefs so firmly in our minds many of those concepts exist today. Self-delusion naturally followed in many instances depending on effectiveness of particular propaganda. Advertising, and incessant marketing to make a buck grew into something of a national religion as a result. Interestingly, CNN kicked off in 1980 in the midst of a presidential campaign when the phrase “Make America great again” was printed all over Reagan – Bush merchandise. During the 1994 presidential campaign, America’s Talking started and was rebranded as MSNBC 2 years later after Roger Ailes left NBC to start FOX news for Rupert Murdoch during President Clinton’s second term. Although Newsmax began airing in 1998, FOX news enjoyed more than 400% increased viewership surrounding the presidential election of 2000, and the FOX news star was rising. Over a decade later, One America News was founded at the beginning of President Obama’s second term.

While FOX news has shared and even lost some viewers to Newsmax and OAN which both dabble heavily in far-right conspiracy theories and have become something of a home for right wing personalities forced out of other media outlets for a variety of reasons, FOX still boasts over 2.5 million daily viewers compared to MSNBC with 1.8 million. The popularity of Newsmax and OAN has also increased dramatically in the past few years as even FOX news has rolled back debunked positions both on air and in writing, which substantively pushed more viewers to both Newsmax and OAN who cater more to the will of their audiences. The audiences in these cases determine the news delivered on the airways. The damn audience determines the news!? The ‘news’ of self-delusion, marketing, and propaganda. Millions of people in this United States in their perverted self-righteousness want the “weatherman” to piss on them and believe him when he tells them it’s raining.

Are you wondering who wrote that little excerpt in the middle there?

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