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Now the News: self-delusion, advertising, and propaganda

Self-delusion, advertising, and propaganda in the United States are not new concepts. We have as a nation and even before then used propaganda effectively against perceived and very real enemies to the federal state. Such propaganda helped shape ideas and beliefs so firmly in our minds many of those concepts exist today. Self-delusion naturally followedContinue reading “Now the News: self-delusion, advertising, and propaganda”

So very very reactionary

Instead of shutting up, proactively hiring a laser show, and going about the business of running the state. GNoem decides after losing in court she needed another Trumpworld participation trophy for whining, having no backup plan, and blaming the left. Then she went ahead and replaced 1930s’ “Germany” with “America”

What’s good for the goose?

In 1879, a new law passed regarding the census of the United States. Many key factors of the new law included detailed instruction for door to door census taking. Enumeration of Native Americans labeled “taxed” and “untaxed Indians” was required, as was collecting as much information as possible regarding “their condition.” With the budget provided,Continue reading “What’s good for the goose?”

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